The Project

An independent feature film on the life story of NASCAR legend, Bobby Allison, developed by Bobby Allison Production LLC. ("The Company") is scheduled to commence pre‐production in late 2015 and filming in early 2016. Theatrical release is planned for fall 2016.

Bobby Allison

Story Synopsis

In the spirit of great American sports stories like Hoosier’s, Rudy and The Blind Side; Racers Heart ‐ The Bobby Allison Story is a compelling human drama, set amongst the “pedal to the metal” world of NASCAR stock car racing. It is a raw and honest chronicle of the half‐century relationship between a husband and wife; racing legend Bobby Allison and his teenage sweetheart, Judy, as they exalt in the triumphs that bring them together and despair in the tragedies that tear them apart. Theirs is a story of one man’s incredible perseverance to finally reach the pinnacle of his sport and the woman who sacrificed everything to help him. After the historic, father/son, one ‐ two finish at the 1988 Daytona 500 shared with his son, Davey, disaster strikes five months later when Bobby suffers life‐threatening injuries in a career ending wreck. Left with severe amnesia, Judy devotes the next eight years to helping her husband recover. However, the heart wrenching grief that the couple must endure during that time due to the deaths of their two charismatic racing sons, Davey and Clifford, is too overwhelming for any marriage to sustain. A bitter divorce follows and after three acrimonious years apart, they put aside their differences to lend their support to Richard and Linda Petty whose grandson is killed in a race car. After being torn apart by their own sorrow, it’s the sorrow of a former bitter rival that brings Bobby and Judy back together. This beautiful story ends as it should; with reconciliation, as Bobby and Judy’s love for each other come full circle and they remarry.